Adamantite Guardian

Rarity Uncommon
Machine Type: Warrior
Armor 15%
Fire Resist 25%
Ice Resist 25%
Lightning Resist 30%
Poison Resist 0%
Light Resist 0%
Shadow Resist 0%
Stun Resist 55%
Fortified (Passive) Immune to critical hits


The Adamantite Guardian can be crafted using cheap crafting components and a small amount of gold. The cost scales the more you upgrade your artisans. It can also be found as a common drop in chests and campaign levels.


  • Stab: Deals physical damage
  • Fortified: Immune to critical hits (Passive)

Stats Edit

Lv Attack Dfense Health Stab Sell for
11 107 146 347 Deal 39-64 Damage 181 gold


  • Though a warrior, the Adamantite Guardian can be placed the same way as a normal tank, soaking damage to protect others while damage dealers do the rest of the work.
  • Due to its Fortified passive skill, attacks cannot cause critical hits against it. This means it can survive against attackers who have high crit chance and skills that increases crit chance.
  • Having high stun resistance, stun based skills are less effective against it.
  • Stab deals physical damage, meaning attackers with high armor can reduce its damage output.
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