"Robes crafted from the very stuff of magic"

Aetheron Robes is the tier 1 epic Cloth armor. It is preceded by the super-rare Guise of Minaeus and succeeded by the tier 2 epic Spellthread Robe.

Description Edit

Properties Edit

Max level: 63

ATT: 0

DEF: 151

ARM: 12.8%

+3.0% crit chance

+2.0% dodge

+350 health

+25% magic resistance

Requirements Edit

Blacksmith: 30

Alchemist: 43

Engineer: 35

Void Cores: 10


The Aetheron Robe is a strong defensive robe, and is much better defensively than the offense-oriented tier 2 epic Spellthread Robe. When combined with Mage's Discretion and Cleric's Charismatic Leader passives, the Mage can reach 71.6% resistance for all magic resistances when both passives are level 10, and reach the 80% cap when combined with his base fire, lightning and ice resistance. With Mystic's Knowledge or Warmaster's Commanding Aura passives included, the Mage can cap out at 80% for all magic resistances, and any other robe-wearing hero can reach 75.6% magic resistance with Knowledge, Commanding Aura, and Charismatic Leader all active. Using this robe on the Mage and using Mage Armor allows the Mage to become a makeshift tank-damage dealer hybrid.

While much superior defensive-wise than the Spellthread Robe, the Spellthread Robe has better offensive potential, having a base attack boost and a 10% damage boost applied to all magic attacks. The Aetheron Robe is better suited for tanking (such as on a support Mystic), while the Spellthread Robe is better suited for damage dealers (such as Mage or Archmage). Depending on circumstances the bonus crit chance may also be beneficial for Kensai.

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