"Built for quickly bringing down and finishing off opponents with frightening efficiency"

The Ambusher's Hacker is the tier 1 epic for the one-handed hacking crafting line. It is preceded by the super rare Moon Mace, and succeeded by the tier 2 epic King's Hammer.

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Damage
39 117 39 92
42 126 42 98
63 (Max) 189 63 145

Crafting componentsEdit

Components needed
Min Level 39+ Hardwood icon 163 Steel bar icon 122 Mystical essence icon 90 Adamantine bar icon 65 Arcane shard icon 37 Celestial orb icon 13 Void core icon 3
Max Level Hardwood icon Steel bar icon Mystical essence icon Adamantine bar icon Arcane shard icon Celestial orb icon Void core icon

Strategy Edit

The Ambusher's Hacker has by far the lowest requirements of any epic equipment, needing only a max of level 37 in blacksmithing, and a relatively low 30 in engineering to craft. It's probably the only epic recipe that will be craftable upon unlocking it—most others will demand additional weeks after unlocking in order to catch up to the requisite crafting levels. Furthermore, the Ambusher's Hacker offers great stats and bonuses for aggressive heroes. This makes it an appealing early investment for a powerspike if one plans to use a lot of the Thief or Barbarian. Just be sure to start researching prior one-handed-hacking weapons early because that crafting line takes over 2 weeks to grind through, much longer than any other crafting line.

In spite of these great advantages, the Ambusher's Hacker lacks crucial bonuses for an aggressive weapon, like a damage type bonus or an armor penetration bonus, which all the best late-game weapons provide.

Ultimately, the Ambusher's Hacker is outshined by its tier 2 counterpart, the King's Hammer, whose supportive nature synergizes perfectly with higher-priority meta heroes like the Warmaster and Cleric, making an already first-rate tier 2 epic weapon even better.

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