Ancient Greatsword it's the second weapon of the class Rare in which one can graph, or as an event reward, and as a random drop, for the class 2H Slashing.

Ancient Greatsword refipe

About Ancient GreatswordEdit

For the rare class, Ancient Greatsword until it has good attacks and damage power, although its defense is very low. While their properties give a nice improvement in their offensive performace, such as having a 2% critical chance, -2% dodge enemy and an increase of 80 health. This is a perfect weapon for the Samurai who can apply high damage and withstand the damage suffered by enemies, so it is highly recommended to create this weapon while you can not even create Super Rare class weapons or above.

Trivia Edit

Buying the hero pack for beginner of the Samurai, you get to gift this Ancient Greatsword nvl 15, along with some hero stones from the Samurai and other minor things, you can also increase the nvl of the weapon to its maximum limit, to give you a great advantage in the earliest basic missions.

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