Ancient Longbow it's the second weapon of the class Super Rare in which one can graph, for the class Bow.

Ancient Longbow recipe

About Ancient LongbowEdit

Being an improved version of Deathbow, all its attributes of attack, defense and weapon damage power are much larger than the previous one, getting just slightly below Heart of the Forest on the attack and the power of damage. However, the properties of their weapons are somewhat improved upon the other Super Rare weapon, starting with a critical 3% chance, 25% critical damage against their opponents, and having -10% enemy dodge, making them an easy target for great damage when achieved.

Definitely Ancient Longbow is one of the best offensive weapon of its class, losing only its epic versions, being able to be much more efficient by the use of the Archer even more by the majority of its hits being "true damages". Anyway, as long as you do not have enough level to have epic weapons, it is worth graphing this powerful bow.

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