Rarity: Common
Hero Type: Damage dealer
Weapon Class: Bow
Armor Class: Leather

Archer description

"Always wins the giant teddy bear at town fairs"

Value Value
Armor 0% Lightning resist 10%
Dodge 5% Poison resist 15%
Critical chance 5%
Initiative 1.8


Soul SkillEdit

Swarm of arrows icon Swarm of Arrows: Deals true damage to a row

Active SkillsEdit

Quick shot icon Quick Shot: Deals physical damage (Ranged)

Double shot icon Double Shot: Deals physical damage to two enemies (Ranged)

Take aim icon Take Aim: Next attack deals more damage

Piercing shot icon Piercing Shot: Deals physical damage in a line

Headshot icon Headshot: Deals true damage (Ranged)

Passive SkillsEdit

Sharp reflexes icon Sharper Reflexes: Quick Shot cooldown is reduced

Barbed arrows icon Barbed Arrows: Critical hit chance increased

Hunters insticts icon Hunter's Instinct: Damage increased when target has low health


  • Archer is a pure damage dealer who can deal physical and true damage at range. Can increase his own damage with certain skills.
  • Due to poor defensive capabilities, Archer works best placed at the back row where he can safely deal damage while the front row can take the damage for him.
  • Archer has a very fast attack cycle, allowing him to attack frequently. With Sharper Reflexes, he can initiate Quick Shot slightly more often.
  • Most of Archer's attacks deal physical damage, meaning that enemies with high armor can reduce his damage output. Headshot and his soul skill Swarm of Arrows bypasses this.
  • Take Aim allow you to deal increased damage, though it only affects one attack that is initiated after this skill.
  • The Hunter's Instincts passive skill can give Archer the role of picking off weakened targets since it increases damage against targets with at least half their health lost.

Recommended LoadoutsEdit

Loadout 1

  • Skills
    • Actives: Quick Shot, Double Shot, Piercing Shot
    • Passives: Sharp Reflexes, Hunter's Instincts
  • Pure physical damage with fast cycle, effective against low armored heroes.

Loadout 2

  • Skills
    • Actives: Take Aim, Piercing Shot, Headshot
    • Passives: Barbed Arrows, Hunter's Instincts
  • Slower but more powerful attacks benefiting from increased damage and critical chance. Strong against heroes with low defense and health


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