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"I am the supreme master of all magical energies!"

Archmage is an Epic hero. He uses Staff weapons and Cloth armor.

Description Edit

Damage Dealer: Harnesses all forms of magic to devastating effect

Skills Edit

Active Skills: Edit

Crushing Fist: X Damage (Ranged, Short, Single, Physical)

Polymorph: Polymorph (stun) target briefly (Ranged, Short, Single)

Disintegrate: X Damage (Ranged, Long, Single, Stun)

Poison Cloud: Deals X Poison Damage 3 times to all Enemies (Ranged, Medium, All Enemies, Poison)

Beam of Death: Deals X Fire Damage in a line (Ranged, Medium, Line, Fire)

Passive skills: Edit

Stoneskin: Increase Armor by X% (Self)

Displacement: Increase Defense by X, increase Dodge Y% (Self)

Powerful Shield: Increase All Resists by X%

Soul Skill: Edit

Meteor Swarm: Deals X Fire Damage to all Enemies

Strategy Edit

Archmage is one of the highest-damage heroes in the game, but his slow recharge rates make him unfavorable to use.

The unacceptably long skill cooldowns for his active skills and high cost and recharge rate of his soul skill put him lower in strength than that of other magic users such as Mage and Warlock. While his damage stat is high, his slow speed means the latter heroes will deal more damage in the long run due to being able to use attacks more often. Furthermore, due to being an Epic hero, Archmage suffers an extreme disadvantage in Star Level compared to the common Mage and the uncommon Warlock.

If you do want to try using Archmage, Poison Cloud and Beam of Death are practically a given, since they hit multiple targets. The other attack can be either Crushing Fist for a bit faster speed or Disintegrate to take advantage of low enemy Stun resistance. Powerful Shield is vitally important due to increasing magic resistance; the other passive can either be Stoneskin to fend off against backline physical damage (such as from Kensai or Shaman), or Displacement to slightly increase Defense and increase the chance of dodging ranged and damage-over-time attacks.

Archmage's best early weapon is Rod of Ruin. Once Wand of Endless Suffering is unlocked, Archmage falls off in viability and doesn't make a comeback until level 55, which is when the Eye Of Chaos can be obtained. Eye of Chaos gives Archmage 3 damage types and boosts his speed massively to make up for his major weaknesses. His armor can be Aetheron Robes to boost his resistances, and eventually Spellthread Robe to increase his Attack and bonus damage.


  • Archmage is the only hero that can deal every type of damage in the game (Physical via Crushing Fist; Stun via Disintegrate; Poison via Poison Cloud; Fire and Shadow via Rod of Ruin; Ice, Lightning, and True Damage via Eye of Chaos; and Light via White Staff of Viarus).
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