Armor is used equipment for heroes, aiming to expand their physical defenses and endurance. But some armor depedendo of its class can offer to him also increases of attacks or even some special attribute, like the grafted armor in the Epic level.

Acquiring the armorsEdit

In order to have them, you will need to graph them after completing the questira phase of mission one in Easy mode, so you can also graph the weapons and machines. But some "ordinary" and "unusual" type armor can drop as a random reward, or you may find some rare armor in game missions as well as some events.

List of armorsEdit

Variation armors


Armor made of cloths for heroes with fast attack abilities, almost all used by magicians and strong sorcerers, and the more advanced armor can give you more offensive or evasive power.


Armor used by heroes who are most used as a support, although some are magical or have very high damage, although their defenses are extremely low. In the most advanced armor, they offer enormous defenses against resistance to magic because they are still very weak in defense and resistance, or regenerate their health gradually.


They are more balanced armor, have a good defense and resistance and some more advanced give you even a good increase of physical damage, being used by heroes who cause heavy physical damage, although there are some heroes who use spells or who can increase their defensive attributes can also use it.


It is the class of weapon with greater defense and armor existing, being used more by the class of tanks for they contain the greater defenses of the game, although also it can be used by the Blackguard also, although it is of class warrior. Its more advanced armor version even has full immunity from critical damage, which makes it difficult for many Berserker or Ninja type heroes to inflict serious damage on your hero.

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