"The lord of Suffering, Auroch, is poised to spread his evil throughout the world."

Auroch, Lord of Suffering

Level ?
Rarity: ?
Type: ?
Armor: ?
Fire resist: ?
Ice resist: ?
Lightning resist: ?
Poison resist: ?
Light resist: ?
Shadow resist: ?
Stun resist: ?
Auroch, lord of evil

Auroch, Lord of Suffering is the main villain in Tower Keepers.

Plot Edit

The tutorial in the beginning of the game offers a brief depiction of Auroch as the leader of the world's evil forces. He is responsible for the destruction of your village and the driving force behind the main conflicts of the game.

However, after the tutorial, Auroch mysteriously disappears, never to be seen again. It is possible that the developers planned to integrate him further into the story, possibly as a final boss, but there are currently no other appearances or references to him anywhere else in the game.

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