"A simple magical ballista that can reload and fire itself, this weapon is best used behind a solid wall."

Acquirement Edit


Machines icon
Rarity Common
Machine Type: Damage Dealer
Armor 0%
Fire Resist 0%
Ice Resist 0%
Lightning Resist 0%
Poison Resist 0%
Light Resist 0%
Shadow Resist 0%
Stun Resist 0%

The Ballista can be crafted using cheap crafting components and a small amount of gold. The cost scales the more you upgrade your artisans. It can also be found as a common drop in chests and campaign levels.


  • Shoot: Deals physical damage (ranged)

Stats Edit

Lv Attack Defense Health Shoot Sell for
12 132 73 255 Deal 40-67 Damage 172 gold


  • As a ranged damage dealer, the Ballista is more effective when placed behind tanks and warriors, providing some ranged attacks to pick off targets.
  • It has high attack, but poor defense with no armor and resistances.
  • Shoot deals physical damage, meaning attackers with high armor can reduce its damage output.
  • Once further in the game, you'll most likely replace this with other machines statistically superior to it. Use it only when you don't have anything else, otherwise a material for combining machines
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