Bandit Leader

Bandit leader2
Level: 4 (Min), 34 (Max)
Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Damage dealer
Armor: X%

"A leader amongst, well, bandits."



  • Stab - Deals physical damage
  • Feint - Dodge greatly increased for next incoming attack


  • Bandit Leader is a frail opponent, but can dodge attacks once Feint is used. Line, row and area based attacks can surpass this skill. Stun can be used to allow heroes to damage it without the worry of attacks being dodged
  • Its attack deals physical damage, meaning heroes with good armor can decrease its damage potential.


This is the second enemy you will encounter in the game's introduction on the last floor after you kill the Bandits and rescue the Mage on the second floor, so you can learn to use the ranged attack to kill with a only shoot the Bandit Leader.

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