Bandit Lord

Level: 8 (Min), 38 (Max)
Rarity: Super rare
Type: Warrior
Fire resist: 10%
Ice resist: 20%
Lightning resist: 10%
Poison resist: 30%
Light resist: 10%
Shadow resist: 20%
Stun resist: 50%



  • Slash - Deals physical damage
  • Great Slash - Deals physical damage to a row
  • Parry - Greatly reduces damage for the next incoming attack


  • Although weaker than Korgan, Bandit Lord makes up for it with its Parry skill which allows it to receive less damage from any attack once. Damage over time surpass this damage reduction
  • Great slash allows it to deal heavy damage to a row, which is devastating if it manages to land a hit on 3 row targets
  • Both attack skills deal physical damage, meaning heroes with good armor can decrease its damage potential.
Bandit Lord Status Max
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