Bastian, Demonologist

Level 50 (Min), 80 (Max)
Rarity: Epic
Type: Damage Dealer
Armor: 20%
Fire Resist: 65%
Ice Resist: 15%
Lightning Resist: 10%
Poison Resist: 10%
Light Resist: 0%
Shadow Resist: 45%
Stun Resist: 80%

"The master demonologist, summoner of powerful demons."



  • Cone of Fire: Deals fire damage in a line
  • Shadowfire: Deals shadow damage (Ranged)
  • Major Heal: Heals a large amount of damage to an ally
  • Summon Demon: Summons a Lesser Demon

For skills that Bastian uses in the Wizard Tower, see its respective page.


  • Bastian is the boss of campaign 6; The Demon's Blood. He has high magic resistances and an alright amount of armor, which makes him tough to take down combined with his high health.
  • He can deal fire damage in a line and deal shadow damage from afar, so high resistances against these types of damage can reduce his damage potential.
  • His signature move, Summon Demon, allows him to spawn Lesser Demons in the battlefield. Although they don't pose a threat damage-wise, they can increase the dodge rate of all of its allies which can be frustrating to deal with so it is recommended to take them down quicker before they initiate the party buff.
  • He can heal a large amount of damage with his Major Heal skill.


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