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"You get an axe! You get an axe! You get an axe!" - Berserker

The Berserker is a uncommon hero in Tower Keepers. He uses Two Handed Hacking weapons and Leather armors.


Damage dealer: A violent tribesman from the far north, has high health.

Base stats Edit

Armor 0.0% Lightning resist 30.0%
Dodge 5.0% Stun resist 35.0%
Critical chance 5.0%
Initiative 1.8


Soul SkillEdit

  • Berserker's Rampage: Deal physical damage to all enemies and % to self.

Active SkillsEdit

  • Raging Strike: Deal physical damage to a single target, double to stunned characters.
  • Fatiguing Strike: Deal physical damage to a single target and slows target briefly.
  • Howl: Stuns target and lowers their magic resists briefly.
  • Bloodbath: Deal physical damage to a single target and % to self.
  • Raging Shout: Increases damage done briefly.

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Reckless: Increases critical hit chance but lowers defense.
  • Vicious Streak: Any attack that kill an opponent has a chance to heal the Berserker by % of his maximum health.
  • Heart of The Bear: Increases health.


Berserker may seem like a fragile hero when you first get him, but as he increases in stars he grows to become one of the most damaging heroes in the game.

A typical build for Berserker includes Raging Shout, since this will boost the damage of his attacks by an enormous amount, and Reckless, since this increases the chance of getting deadly critical hits. His other skills are not as important, but players generally opt for Bloodbath for more damage, Fatiguing Strike to deal damage and slow an enemy down, and Vicious Streak to smite enemies and gain health at the same time. Raging Strike should only be used if another party member has a stun ability to leave room for Berserker's more important skills and keep Howl out of the equation.

His soul skill, Berserker's Rampage, is what really makes Berserker a powerhouse. With Raging Shout active and Reckless boosting his crit chance, his damage can often reach quadruple figures and even one-shot heroes. He is considered one of the best tower defenders in the game--to make the most of his offensive capability, it's best to place several monsters that use Warcry (such as Black Fist Skirmishers and Vicious Overseers) on the floor to boost his attack.

The Earthquaker is what makes such high damage possible, as it not only provides a hefty stat bonus but also increases crit chance even further. His armor can be Vest of the Flayer for yet another boost in crit damage, Great Wyrm Hide to make up for the loss of defense caused by Reckless, or Living Leather for defense and healing. The tier 2 epic weapon, The Unmaker, is considered better than Earthquaker due to having an extremely high damage stat, but there's a catch--it deals shadow damage, not normal damage, so it isn't buffed by Raging Shout. As a result, Berserkers that are equipped with The Unmaker generally don't use Raging Shout.

As for armors, his two best options are the Vest of the Flayer or the Demon's Skin. Prior to level 55, the Vest offers more attack and critical chance/damage than other leather armors, but its best attribute is the lower enemy dodge chance. However, an unenchanted Demon's Skin has nearly triple the attack points as well as higher critical chance, a massive health increase, and huge stun and shadow resistences. The degeneration may be off-putting, but the 2000 health it comes with is a fair trade. If not, Vicious Streak should pay back the health lost; It already has to make up for Bloodbath and Berserker's Rampage anyway.


  • He has the highest health and crit chance out of any hero in the game based on skills alone (24% at max). Including equipment lets him reach 36% with Demon's Skin and Hammer Of The Gods, but Kensai easily outclasses him if Muramasa mixes with his Critical Accuracy passive.


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