Berserker's Quest is a bonus hero campaign featuring the Berserker hero. Its rewards are primarily training points, along with several Catacombs Maps.

 Campaign Properties Edit

You may bring 3 heroes in your formation, one of which must be Berserker. Monsters may fill the empty slots.

All enemies have Berserker's passive skills Heart of the Bear, Reckless, and Vicious Streak, as well as high Attack and Damage. Frozen Blood Hero, Frozen Blood Executioner, Swamp Giant, Vampire, Vampire Lord, and Demonic Watcher also have Fatiguing Strike.

Missions Edit

Stage Rec. Level (N, H, EX) Min Food Cost (N, H, EX) Max Food Cost (N, H, EX) Enemies
1 5, 7, 11 4, 4, 4 20, 28, 44 4x Bandit, 2x Goblin Trickster, 2x Harlequin, 2x Bandit Bruiser, 2x Bandit Archer
2 7, 10, 14 4, 4, 16 28, 40, 56 3x Bandit Archer, 1x Bandit, 4x Bandit Bruiser, 1x Bandit Cutthroat, 2x Harlequin, 2x Goblin Magus
3 10, 13, 18 4, 12, 32 40, 52, 72 2x Skeletal Mage, 4x Zombie, 2x Skeletal Archer, 2x Skeletal Warrior, 2x Bandit Marksman
4 15, 19, 25 20, 36, 60 60, 76, 100 3x Skeletal Archer, 3x Skeletal Warrior, 2x Zombie, 3x Skeletal Dreadnought, 1x Deadeye Skeleton, 1x Huge Croc, 2x Skeletal Mage
5 20, 24, 31 40, 56, 84 80, 96, 124 3x Huge Croc, 3x Deadeye Skeleton, 4x Skeletal Dreadnought, 2x Frozen Blood Hero, 2x Orc Warchanter
6 28, 33, 41 72, 92, 124 112, 132, 164 4x Orc Warchanter, 3x Huge Croc, 3x Skeletal Mage, 1x Skeletal Warrior, 2x Skeletal Dreadnought, 1x Battle Ogre
7 35, 41, 50 100, 124, 160 140, 164, 200 3x Battle Ogre, 3x Covenant Witch, 2x Frozen Blood Executioner, 2x Frozen Blood Conjurer, 2x Armored Troll
8 45, 52, 62 140, 168, 208 180, 208, 248* 2x Frozen Blood Veteran, 1x Armored Troll, 3x Frozen Blood Hero, 2x Frozen Blood Executioner, 2x Covenant Witch, 1x Frozen Blood Conjurer, 1x Putrid Hulk, 1x Covenant Assassin
9 55, 62, 74 180, 208, 256 220, 248*, 296* 3x Putrid Hulk, 3x Black Fist Skirmisher, 2x Covenant Assassin, 3x Swamp Giant, 2x Vampire, 1x Vampire Lord
10 65, 73, 85 220, 252, 300 260*, 292*, 340* 2x Covenant Assassin, 4x Vile Assassin, 3x Demonic Watcher, 3x Covenant Witch, 2x Vampire Lord, 1x Vampire, 1x Putrid Hulk

*Some max food costs above 220 actually are possible to obtain normally due to monsters having a higher level cap than heroes. The highest possible cost is 310, using 3 level 85 Dragon Minions and a level 55 Berserker. Food costs above 310 are impossible to obtain normally.

Rewards Edit

Stage Difficulty Rewards
1 Normal 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 55 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 83 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 110 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
2 Normal 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 110 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 138 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 165 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
3 Normal 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 165 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 193 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 220 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
4 Normal 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 275 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 347 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 413 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
5 Normal 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 385 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 495 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 605 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
6 Normal 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 578 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 715 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 853 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
7 Normal 2 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 770 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 935 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 1100 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
8 Normal 2 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1210 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 1430 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 1650 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
9 Normal 3 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1650 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 1925 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 2200 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
10 Normal 3 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 2400 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 2700 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 3000 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)

Strategy Edit


Monster Blackguard


Hero Equipment Skills
Berserker Pulverizer/Earthquaker, Vest of the Flayer/Great Wyrm Hide Bloodbath/Raging Strike, Fatiguing Strike, Raging Shout, Reckless, Vicious Streak
Blackguard Bloodletter/Dark Defender, Shell of Protection/Strength of Legend Double Swing, Tendril of Shadow, Vicious Strike, Find Weakness, Hell's Bulwark
Cleric Moon Mace, Chainskin/Dragonscale Cleanse, Quick Heal, RIghteous Call, Charismatic Leader, Healer/Tithe

Any monster should do, but strong choices include Black Fist Evoker, Corrupted Inquisitor, and anything that uses Warcry (such as Vicious Overseer).

Use Berserker's Rampage right away to shred the enemies in the first wave. That should give you plenty enough soul energy to use soul skills at your discretion. Spam Soul Rend and Berserker's Rampage whenever available, though sometimes it may be worth waiting a few turns until Raging Shout is active before using Rampage. Focus all heals on Cleric, and Resurrect if necessary. Due to the nature of the enemies, you may experience bad luck with Cleric dying to critical hits, so bring common Immune and Resurrect potions just in case.

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