Black Fist Enforcer

Black fist enforcer2
Level 25 (Min), 60 (Max)
Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Tank
Armor: 24%
Fire Resist: 35%
Lightning Resist: 15%
Poison Resist: 20%
Stun Resist: 15%

"Brutal tribal enforcers, high armor and fire resistance."



  • Swift Strike: Deals physical damage
  • Parry: Reduce damage from next incoming attack
  • Defy Death (Passive): Any damage dealt to this character that would kill it has a 50% chance to be ignored


  • Black Fist Enforcer has a mediocre amount of armor and variable amount of resistances, and can reduce damage once with its Parry skill.
  • It has the ability to survive a killing blow with its Defy Death passive skill, which allows it to survive the most powerful attacks if lucky.
  • Its attack deals physical damage, meaning heroes with good armor can decrease its damage potential.


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