Black Fist Evoker

Black fist evoker2
Level 27 (Min), 65 (Max)
Rarity: Rare
Type: Support
Armor: 5%
Fire Resist: 30%
Ice Resist: 30%
Lightning Resist: 30%
Stun Resist: 20%

"Powerful spellcasters who can deal area damage and debuff."



  • Spark: Deals lightning damage (Ranged)
  • Fireball: Deals fire damage to all enemies
  • Cloud of Weakness: Reduce attack and defense of all enemies briefly


  • Black Fist Evoker has a variable amount of resistances, but lack an effective percentage of armor. They can easily be dealt with physical attacks.
  • It can deal fire damage to all enemies and deal lightning damage from afar, so high resistances against these types of damage can reduce its damage potential.
  • Its signature move, Cloud of Weakness, lowers the attack and defense of all enemies. Usually it is initiated before Fireball, so be sure to remove the debuff of an important hero like Cleric before Fireball is used.
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