"A fell blade from which even the smallest scratch can cause deadly injuries"
Bloodletter recipe

Bloodletter is the first Super Rare weapon for the One Handed Stabbing weapon class. It is preceded by the Rare Sword of Victory and succeeded by the Super Rare Forbidden Blade.

About BloodletterEdit

For a super-rare weapon, Bloodletter is one of the very best of the super rare class, surpassing even Dark Defender in attack power. The high attack stat, in addition to a whopping 50% bonus damage for critical hits, makes for a great offensive option if your heroes have enough defense.

Such a powerful weapon is perfect for allowing the Blackguard to deal far more damage; other heroes can use it as well, but the comparative benefit is questionable. This weapon can even challenge its successor, Forbidden Blade, as the best super rare offensive weapon of this class; therefore it's very worth crafting this weapon if you are not yet capable of crafting the level 55 Piercing Blade.

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