The Bombard is an epic crafting recipe for Machines.

It is the most advanced recipe among "Damage Dealer" machine types.

Hardwood Steel Bar Mystical Essence Adamantine Bar Arcane Shard Celestial Orb Void Core
41 69 29 37 20 14 7


It is definitely a powerful cannon that can trigger multiple damage on your opponents and become stronger your damage when they use Take Aim, which causes damage to increase by 74%. But unfortunately they are a little slow to attack and are quite vulnerable to magical attacks, besides having very small lives, heroes with high critical damage can easily destroy the Bombardment.

He is also the machine that costs more expensive and charges a lot of Void Core, much more than the Tower can resist in the game, so it is not very recommendable to buy this machine as a defense in Tower Assault, but it still serves as an ally for the Pirate event and other events that you can use machines.

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