Bonesnap Maul is a super rare weapon in class Two-Handed Hacking.

Bonesnap Maul recipe

Description Edit

A giant maul used by the Lich Lord Drechmaul's elite guard.

Properties Edit

  • Max Level: 55
  • Max Att: 132
  • Max Def: 27
  • Max Dmg: 70
  • +3.0% crit chance
  • +30% crit damage
  • -3.0% enemy dodge
  • +60 health


As shown in the table above, Bonesnap Maul is an extremely powerful weapon for the Berserke, though this is not the best offensive Super Rare weapon, staying below Volcanic Axe in addition to having larger attacks and damage and it has how fire type as a bonus damage, or the Pulverizer which in addition to having much larger statistics, but also has a critical chance a to apply damages much higher than this weapon, although the higher the damage applied to your enemy, the greater damage will suffer the Berserke.

Anyway, if you do not have a very tough Berserke, high life or a good number of stars, Bonesnap Maul is one of the safest and well offensive weapons to use.

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