Bonesnap Maul is a super rare weapon in class Two-Handed Hacking.

Bonesnap Maul recipe

Description Edit

A giant maul used by the Lich Lord Drechmaul's elite guard.

Properties Edit

  • Max Level: 55
  • Max Att: 132
  • Max Def: 27
  • Max Dmg: 70
  • +3.0% crit chance
  • +30% crit damage
  • -3.0% enemy dodge
  • +60 health


As shown in the table above, Bonesnap Maul is an extremely powerful weapon for the Berserker, possibly better than its successor, the Volcanic Axe. Bonesnap offers more chance for critical damage as well as a bit more critical damage. While Volcanic Axe has more attack and damage, its fiery bonus damage does not help Berserker. When compared to the Pulverizer, Bonesnap has lower attack, damage and critical chance and damage. However, it lowers an enemy's chance to dodge, which certainly works in Berserker's favor (especially if he has the Vest of the Flayer, adding up to a total -8% enemy dodge). This weapon also gives a defense boost that the other two lack, which is a nice touch.

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