Rarity: Uncommon
Machine Type: Damage Dealer
Armor: 10%
Fire Resist: 30%
Ice Resist: 0%
Lightning Resist: 0%
Poison Resist: 0%
Light Resist: 0%
Shadow Resist: 0%
Stun Resist: 0%

"A crude yet effective defense, this cannon is an excellent deterrent for would be raiders."


The Cannon can be crafted using cheap crafting components and a small amount of gold. The cost scales the more you upgrade your artisans. It can also be found as a common drop in chests and campaign levels.


  • Cannon Ball: Deals true damage (Ranged)

Stats Edit

Lv Attack Defense Health Cannon Ball Sell for
10 133 83 260 Deal 68-114 true damage 150 gold


Cannon recipe
  • As a ranged damage dealer, the Cannon is more effective when placed behind tanks and warriors, providing some ranged attacks to pick off targets
  • Cannon Ball deals true damage, which ignores armor. Coupled with the skill's high damage, the Cannon is capable of taking down attackers with high armor, or anyone with poor defense.
  • It has high attack, but poor defense and low armor. Attackers with high attack and damage can defeat them easilly.
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