"A powerful, vicious suit of treacherous chainmail."

Chain of the Wretched is an tier 3 epic Chain Armor.

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Armor
56 162 156 18.4%



75 217 209 21.3%

Special Properties Edit

  • +235 Health
  • 5% Faster cooldown to all skills
  • +15% Magic Resistance
  • +5% Armor penetration
  • -0.2 Initiative
  • +10% Critical damage

Crafting componentsEdit

Components needed
Level 56+ Hardwood icon Steel bar icon 434 Mystical essence icon 347 Adamantine bar icon 287 Arcane shard icon 104 Celestial orb icon 41 Void core icon 21


Compared to its other epic versions, Chain of the Wretched can be considered average in defense and a tad low in armor (having less than the Dragonscale Armor), and only grants +235 HP. However, just like the Spellthread Robe, this armor was created especially for the attack, having the highest attack power of its armor class, +10% crit damage and 5% Faster cooldown to all skills, and 5% of armor penetration. It is perfect for extremely offensive heroes, like the Shaman and the Samurai. Valkyrie may also use this armor if you use her offensively, which includes more damage to opponents when she dies in battle, applying damage to the enemy when she is revived as well. That's why it's worth it and very worth creating the Chain of the Wretched when you reach Keeper Level 55. Your Cleric can gain immense damage for her Righteous Call, but it's probably not worth doing it unless you can protect her, as the Keldis' Raiment provides better defense and more health.

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