"A full suit of chain so light it doesn't inhibit movement"

Chainskin is the second Super Rare Chain armor, obtainable by Crafting or stages 5 or 55 of Zaluss The Demolisher. It is preceded by the Super Rare Chain Vestments of Security and succeeded by the Tier 1 Epic, Dragonscale Armor.

Special Properties Edit

  • -0.2 Initiative
  • +1.0% Dodge
  • 5% Faster cooldown to all skills
  • +235 Health
  • +10% Magic Resistance

Base Stats Edit

Level 35 40 45 50 55 80
Attack 18 20 22
Defense 99 110 121
Armor % 16.8 17.5 18.3

Crafting componentsEdit

Components needed
Min Level 35+ Hardwood icon 77 Steel bar icon 154 Mystical essence icon 77 Adamantine bar icon 77 Arcane shard icon 13 Celestial orb icon 7 Void core icon 7
Max Level Hardwood icon Steel bar icon Mystical essence icon Adamantine bar icon Arcane shard icon Celestial orb icon Void core icon


Chainskin is one of the best Super Rare crafts in the game, providing excellent utility for multiple heroes and staying viable all the way to level 55. Its 5% faster cooldowns can provide faster healing for Cleric, faster attacks from Shaman, faster Call to Arms usage for Warmaster...the list goes on. The extra health and resistances rival even the Tier 2 Epic Chain armor, Keldis' Raiment, which provides 600 health but only 8% resistances. The Tier 3 Epic Chain of the Wretched eventually outclasses Chainskin in every way, with the one exception being Zaluss The Demolisher -- Warmaster does more damage with Chainskin than with Chain of the Wretched due to bugged damage calculations with negative Armor (caused by stacked Sunder) and the armor penetration buff on the Wretched.

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