Chestplate of Valor is the second uncommon armor for the Plate class.


Chesplate of Valor recipe
  • Max Level: 55
  • Atc: 0
  • Def: 99
  • Arm: 15.7%

About Chestplate of ValorEdit

Being a much improved version of Full Plate, it has much more defense and armor, only slightly lower than Ironheart defense alone, but surpassing its properties with about 5% soul energy, plus an increase of 60% health and 15% stun resistance.

However, unlike other armor that drops randomly in most battles, but this one seems to be only obtainable by creating it, in addition to its rare versions being obtained randomly in rewards in the Dungeon, or in the Wizard Tower, or even purchased at the Guild Shop. So it is not advisable to create this armor unless you have many heroes who need good plate armor.

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