"An excellent source of freezing magic, this turret will slow attackers."
Chill Turrent Recipe

Chill Turret is a Super Rare Machine in the Warrior class. It is preceded by the Super Rare Runed Golem and succeeded by the Epic Runic Construct.

Stats Edit

  • Max Level: 70
  • Max Attack: 670
  • Max Defense: 531
  • Max Health: 2030
  • Max Armor: 10%
  • Resistances: Ice 50%

Skills Edit

  • Frost Bolt: Deals 126-209 Ice Damage and freezes briefly 
  • Icy Barrier: Grants 120-200 bonus health and increases armor by 32.5% briefly 
  • Freezing Aura (Passive): Increase opponent cooldowns by 22% 


Chill Turrets are quintessential in tower defenses, second only to the Heroes inside.

Its base stats are actually quite weak--it doesn't do much damage, it has low health, the Attack and Defense stats are average at best, and it can be destroyed in only a couple of strong attacks. However, the Chill Turret has 2 key characteristics which make it the most vital part of any tower defense. The first is its Freezing Aura passive, which increases the cooldowns of all attacking heroes by a staggering 20% or more. Not only does it make attacking hero cooldowns painfully slow by itself, but it also stacks. Therefore, having 3, 4, or even 5 Chill Turrets on the same floor will bring the attacking team's speed to a crawl. The other significant aspect of Chill Turrets is their Frost Bolt, which freezes enemies that are hit. With this combination, not only are attackers being nearly immobilized by the cooldown increases from Freezing Aura, but most of them are also literally being immobilized by the stunning Frost Bolt attacks.

These two skills are what make Chill Turrets essential to any strong tower. Players will typically stack 2-5 of them in one tower floor (any empty spaces can be filled by Corrupted Inquisitors, Black Fist Evokers, or a Razor Wall) and place a hero in the 6th spot. This hero can often be Shaman, Ninja, Warlock, Blackguard, and still many others. The result is a floor in which the defending hero will attack again and again and again, all while the challenging team is repeatedly frozen by the Chill Turrets and unable to do anything for large periods of time. Attackers will need to be well-geared and well-starred in order to make it through towers with Chill Turrets and high-damage heroes.

Chill Turret is also a preferable choice in the Pirate's Voyage 2-day campaign, which allows the player to bring machines into battle. The Chill Turret slows down the attack speed of enemies, and an attacking hero (often Blackguard) picks them off one by one. Cleric heals and revives heroes or the Chill Turret if any perish, and Pirate provides a little bit of extra resistances and health.

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