Clay Golem Recipe
Clay Golem is the first (and only) rare crafting recipe for Tank Machines.

Stats Edit

  • Max Level: 65
  • Max Attack: 493
  • Max Defense: 493
  • Max Health: 3395
  • Max Armor: 5%
  • Resistances: All 5%


  • Bash (192-320 damage)
  • Bludgeon (155-466 damage)
  • Regenerate (heals 65 damage every 3 actions)


Being one of the greatest defenses in the rare class, the Clay Golems bear a lot of armor, a lot of defense and stamina, and they self-regenerate their health a little. In addition, they also have very high damage even though they are tanks. That is why it is worth creating this machine when you are not level enough to create the super rare machines or above.

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