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Rarity: Common
Hero Type: Healer
Weapon Class: One Handed Hacking
Armor Class: Chain

The Cleric is a common healer that you start out with in Tower Keepers. She uses one-handed hacking weapons and wears chain armor.

Cleric description.png

"They keep knockin' 'em down and I keep patchin' 'em up" - Cleric

Value Value
Armor 10% Lightning resist 10%
Dodge 5% Shadow resist 25%
Critical chance 5%
Initiative 2.6


Soul Skill

Resurrect icon.png Resurrect: Revive a fallen ally, revives with some health

Active Skills

Quick heal icon.png Quick Heal: Heals a small amount of damage

Powerful heal icon.png Powerful Heal: Heals a large amount of damage

Bludgeoning strike icon.png Bludgeoning Strike: Deal physical damage

Cleanse icon.png Cleanse: Remove all harmful effects from 1 character and heal a small amount, 3 times.

Righteous call icon.png Righteous Call: Heals party for a small amount of damage, deals light damage to all enemies.

Passive Skills

Healer icon.png Healer: Increases all healing abilities

Charismatic leader icon.png Charismatic Leader: Increases all resistances of the party

Tithe icon.png Tithe: Get extra gold after each combat


  • The Cleric is a great single healer who has the ability to recover health of allies and bring them back to life when fallen.
  • You can manually target an ally for healing you think is in grave danger by clicking on that ally. This is especially useful for removing defense debuffs on tank heroes -- assuming you have her Cleanse active skill equipped. Remember, once you select an ally for healing, he/she will always stay targeted, so don't forget to look at the combat actions for incoming healing moves and manually switch healing targets.
  • Her soul skill, Resurrect, is very useful for bringing back allies and continuing combat with maximum force. However, the revived ally will only have a portion of their health so be sure to patch up your ally fully. The amount of health granted upon resurrection increases with Cleric's star level.
  • She has good armor and defense points combined with the use of chain armor, allowing the Cleric to absorb ranged attacks. She has poor combat capabilities, so be sure to have her at the back of your party. In a 3:1 formation, avoid placing her at the middle of the back row to avoid getting hit by attacks that hit in a line.
  • If made as a healer (without equipping her Bludgeoning Strike skill), remember to give her a relatively weak weapon, as she cannot do any damage. Let your offense-oriented heroes use the strongest weapons.
  • She is extremely useful when paired with allies whose skills force enemies to target them, like the Knight's Threaten skill or the Templar's Challenge Evil skill, as she can keep your tank(s) alive -- or resurrect them -- while they take massive amounts of damage from all of your team's enemies. Likewise, it's a good idea to include Cleric on teams with heroes whose attacking skills also damage themselves, like Warlock and Berserker (though these two also have self-healing skills, you do not need to equip them if you include Cleric on the team, thus freeing up skill slots for additional attacks).