Corrupted Inquisitor

Corrupted inquisitor2
Level 30 (Min), 65 (Max)
Rarity: Super rare
Type: Warrior
Armor: 20%
Fire Resist: 20%
Ice Resist: 20%
Lightning Resist: 25%
Poison Resist: 40%
Light Resist: 20%
Stun Resist: 20%

"Unswerving belief in their cause makes these warriors almost unstoppable."



  • Beam of Light: Deals light damage (Ranged)
  • Repentance: Lowers attack and defense of a target by a large percentage
  • Minor Heal: Heals ally a small amount of damage


  • Corrupted Inquisitor has an average amount of armor and a variable amount of resistances, making them a durable opponent.
  • Main attack does light-based damage, so anyone with a high amount of light resistance can withstand this attack.
  • Its signature skill, Repentance, heavily lowers the attack and defense of a single target. Anyone struck by it will easily become very weak both offensively and defensively, so it is recommended to have a Cleric equipped with a Cleanse skill which can remove the effect.
  • It can heal allies with its Minor Heal skill.


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