Covenant Assassin

Covenant assassin2
Level 25 (Min), 60 (Max)
Rarity: Rare
Type: Damage Dealer
Armor: 10%
Fire Resist: 25%
Poison Resist: 25%
Light Resist: 15%
Shadow Resist: 15%
Stun Resist: 10%

"Skulking in the shadows, can deal heavy damage but have low defense."



  • Twin Strike: Deals physical damage twice
  • Poisoned Blade: Deals poison damage 3 times
  • Bloodthirsty (Passive): Increase attack whenever damage is taken


  • Covenant Assassin has low armor, variable low resistances and, as said, low defense. Anything can be used against them whether it is physical or magic damage.
  • Although it has a low initiative, its attacks come in a volley of double physical damage and a strong damage-over-time poison damage. When in a few numbers they can dish out a lot of damage, so be weary of their presence in the battle field. For protection, high armor and poison resistance can reduce their damage potential.
  • When damaged, their attack gets increased from each hit. This makes them deadlier, although their survivability isn't guaranteed due to poor defensive attributes


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