Covenant Guardian

Covenant guardian2
Level 22 (Min), 60 (Max)
Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Tank
Armor: 25%
Light Resist: 25%
Shadow Resist: 25%
Stun Resist: 15%

"Unholy warriors who are the first to charge into battle. High armor."



  • Slash: Deals physical damage
  • Great Slash: Deals physical damage to a row
  • Taunt: All enemies must attack caster briefly
  • Hard To Kill (Passive): Armor is increased whenever health is below a certain point


  • Covenant Guardian's has high health and defense. Armor is mediocre, but increased to a high amount when about a quarter of its health is lost. This makes them tough to beat when physical damage is used.
  • Great slash allows it to deal heavy damage to a row, which is devastating if it manages to land a hit on 3 row targets.
  • It is the only monster with the ability to direct all attacks with its Taunt skill, allowing its allies to deal damage without being targeted.


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