Covenant Witch

Covenant witch2
Level 20 (Min), 60 (Max)
Rarity: Rare
Type: Support
Fire Resist: 55%
Ice Resist: 55%
Lightning Resist: 20%
Poison Resist: 30%
Light Resist: 15%
Shadow Resist: 15%

"The Covenant's most able spellcasters. High fire and ice resistance."



  • Fire Blast: Deals fire damage (Ranged)
  • Frost Bolt: Deals ice damage and freezes briefly (Ranged)
  • Dark Mist: Increase dodge of allies briefly


  • Covenant Witch has no armor, but high magic resistances particularly fire and ice. This makes them tough against magic damage but vulnerable to physical damage.
  • It can deal fire and ice damage from afar, where its Frost Bolt skill can freeze a target temporarily.
  • Its Dark Mist skill allows its allies to have an increase dodge rate, improving their chance to avoid damage from single-target attacks


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