"Dark spirits guide the wielder's hand to deflect incoming attacks"

The Dark Defender is a tier 1 Epic One Handed Stabbing weapon. As it's name implies, it is a strong defensive weapon.

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Damage
50 85 150 70
55 93 165 77
58 (max) 98 174 81

Special Properties Edit

  • +3.0% Crit Chance
  • +4.0% Dodge
  • +100 Health
  • +3% Armor

Crafting ComponentsEdit

Components needed
Min Level 42+ Hardwood icon Steel bar icon Mystical essence icon Adamantine bar icon Arcane shard icon Celestial orb icon Void core icon
Max Level Gold 163 540 Hardwood icon 48 Steel bar icon 240 Mystical essence icon 126 Adamantine bar icon 96 Arcane shard icon 48 Celestial orb icon 13 Void core icon 3

About Dark DefenderEdit

The Dark Defender is among the strongest defensive weapons in the game, along with the Moon Mace, Abjurer's Staff of Protection, and others. As with the Moon Mace and Abjurer's Staff, it gives 3 defense points per level, and, as an epic weapon, has a decent level cap, allowing it to provide large defense, even more than most non-plate armors below epic tier. It also provides a dodge boost, health, and slight armor (though less than armors). As a trade-off, it provides less than standard attack and damage boosts, at least compared to other epic weapons, although it isn't as bad offensively as Abjurer's Staff of Protection.

Before level 55, this is a great all-around weapon for any hero that can use it. The Bloodletter might seem stronger but it has less damage, and it's rather inconsistent.

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