"A ruler's fine scepter, topped with a huge corrupted black gem"

Dark Sceptre is the first Super Rare Staff weapon, obtainable via Crafting and stages 10 and 60 of Zaluss The Demolisher. It is preceded by the Rare Hellstaff and succeeded by the Super Rare Nature's Offering.

Special Properties Edit

  • +3.0% Crit chance
  • +10% Soul Energy
  • +120 Health
  • +2% Armor


Level 35 40 45 50 55
Attack 104
Defense 121
Damage 51


Dark Scepter is not worth crafting. It falls flat offensively due to its low Damage stat and lack of a bonus damage type like Hellstaff, and it falls flat defensively compared to Nature's Offering and Abjurer's Staff of Protection, both of which provide resistances and armor. If you manage to get one as a random reward from Zaluss, feel free to keep it as a placeholder until you craft a better staff.

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