"Shadow and fire shall not avail you!"

Darkfire Battleplate is an uncraftable Super Rare Plate armor. It can be obtained by defeating stage 5 of Zaluss The Demolisher.

Base Stats Edit

Special Properties Edit

  • 10% Faster cooldown to all skills
  • +400 Health
  • +60% Fire Resistance
  • +60% Shadow Resistance

Strategy Edit

Darkfire Battleplate is an immediate standout from other plate armor pieces due to its cooldown reduction. Such a bonus seems comparable to that of another uncraftable Super Rare, Wand of Swiftness. The additional Fire and Shadow resistance can also neuter several powerful enemies, such as Valkyrie and Necromancer. Battle Priest probably benefits the most from Darkfire Battleplate's cooldown reduction so as to use Penance more often, though it seems probable that all plate-wearing heroes would experience a considerable increase in performance with this armor equipped, as well as can benefit the Paladin, to make up for her worst initiative, to be able to use Avenge and Holy Smite abilities more during combat.

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