Deadeye Skeleton

Skeletal deadeye2
Level 12 (Min), 42 (Max)
Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Damage Dealer
Armor: 10%
Fire Resist: 25%
Poison Resist: 25%
Shadow Resist: 20%

"Undeath has further honed the senses of these archers."



  • Shoot: Deals physical damage (Ranged)
  • Double Shot: Deals physical damage twice (Ranged)


  • Deadeye Skeleton has a small amount of armor and mediocre fire, poison and shadow resist. They are more vulnerable to physical damage and magic damage which it isn't resistant to.
  • It may use its Double Shot skill to deal damage twice to a single target.
  • Both attack skills deal physical damage, meaning heroes with good armor can decrease his damage potential.


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