Deathcaller is the first it's unique tier Super Rare from class 2H stabbing weapon.

Deathcaller recipe
Deathcaller version Halloween

Deathcaller Lv 75 as a reward for completing Stage 11 at Hard in All Hallow's Eve

About DeathcallerEdit

Although the weapon has more points of attack and damage than its other lower classes, it is still much weaker than its epic versions. However, at least it has good properties in the weapon, such as having -0.1 initiative, plus 5% faster cooldowns to all skills and a bonus of 75 health.

As we see in Deathcaller, it pays to be a good weapon for defence, while Guisarme of Power it's better as a offensive weapon, so long as it is not level enough to be able to get the epic weapons, Deathcaller is much more efficient for Cavalier for his high defense and health.

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