Demonic Island is a bonus campaign that lasts a full week. Its rewards span all possible content, from battle chests to crafting components to portal stones and skill scrolls. The campaign 4 boss, Raq the Orc Overlord, is exclusively obtainable in Demonic Island as an epic monster.

Campaign Properties Edit

One could say the theme of Demonic Island is "Orcs, demons, and no buffs allowed." There are also two boss missions in this campaign, on missions 6 and 11.

There are no specific restrictions or additions for the player in this campaign; however, enemies that normally are group support, debuff,-or just any orcs and a few more types of monster-that have new skills starting in mission 2 and onwards. These enemies are tinted red and marked below as demonic. It's uncertain what this demonic effect has on all enemies, but commonly one will see a high damage Mass Dispel skill that will obliterate even the strongest teams. This is the reason why buffs are bad for this campaign.

The enemies are all from the three orc types, (Frozen Blood, Black Fist, basic), and also regular demon types. Their base stats do seem to be higher than normal, although this may be due to the "Demonic" effect.

Here are some demonic skills (in addition to their normal skill sets):

  • Orc: unknown
  • Vicious Orc: Savage Swipe + Hard to Kill (bonus armour below a high health threshold) + Deadly Rage (bonus % attack below 25% health)
  • Orc Warchanter: Disenchant (targets enemies) + Mass Dispel (unusually high damage)
  • Orc Scout: Headshot + Piercing Shot
  • Plague Demon: Vampiric Touch
  • Frozen Blood Conjurer: Foretell + Mass Dispel (extremely high damage) + Renewal + Nightmare applies to all enemies
  • Orc Warrior: Deadly Cut + Finishing Strike
  • Orc Overlord (boss): Bloodbath + high attack
  • Frozen Blood Veteran: Dispatch Foe + Taunt + Inner Focus to all allies
  • Lesser Demon: Shadow Shroud + Mass Dispel (extremely high damage) + Inflict Wounds + high defense
  • Black Fist Skirmisher: unknown
  • Frozen Blood Hero: Shield Allies + Warcry twice as powerful
  • Frozen Blood Executioner: Raging Shout
  • Black Fist Enforcer: Vicious Strike
  • Black Fist Evoker: Magic Missile (target type: double and unusually high damage) + Healing Circle + high defense + summon demon (extremely long cooldown; summons non-demonic lesser demon)
  • Demonic Watcher: Shadow Shroud + Death Glare + Horrify + Acid Lance + Curse (original skill set has been replaced by these skills)
  • Orc Warrior (12 and 13): Vanish, Renewal, Vital Strike, Overload (raises attack but lowers defense), dropping below 30% HP resets cooldowns
  • Vicious Orc (12 and 13): Vicious Strike, Vicious Blow, Whirlwind Strike, Raging Strike, Deadly Rage (at 50% and again at 25%), Shield of Discipline, being hit increases armor and reduces cooldowns
  • Orc Scout (12 and 13): Target Weakness (column), Shadow Shroud (all allies), Multi Shot (melee, hits targets equally 4 times), Disenchant (all allies), immune to crits and stuns, Deadly, Wrath of the Sea, Swarm of Arrows (hits 20 targets equally)
  • Plague Demon (12 and 13): Eat Your Soul, Deathly Crunch, Dark Infection, Leaping Strike (targets lowest HP), Feint, Riposte, dodge chance greatly reduced, Balestra
  • Orc Warchanter (12 and 13): Demonfire (hits up to 3 targets), Regeneration, Shadow Bolt (true damage, targets lowest HP), Mass Dispel (extremely high damage)
  • Orc Shaman (12 and 13): Cyclone (reduces defense), Ball of Darkness (reduces resistances), Lightning Bolt (hits targets equally 6 times, lowers armour), Spirit Rage, Blade Barrier (true damage, all allies), Demon Shout (raises resistances by 20%), Mass Dispel (impossibly high damage)
  • Raq, Orc Overlord (11 and 13): Recruits (revives an ally), Blade Barrier (all allies), Raging Shout (all allies), Weapon Throw, Bloodbath, Tendril of Shadow, Reckless, Bloodthirsty, Berserker's Rampage (hits targets equally 20 times)

Missions Edit

Stage Rec. Level (N, H, EX) Min Food Cost (N, H, EX) Max Food Cost (N, H, EX) Enemies
1 15, 19, 25 20, 36, 60 60, 76, 100 5x Orc, Orc Shaman, 6x Orc Scout, Orc Warrior, Orc Warchanter
2 20, 24, 31 40, 56, 84 80, 96, 124 4x Orc, Vicious Orc, 4x Orc Warchanter, 2x Orc Shaman, 2x Orc Warrior, 3x Orc Scout
3 25, 30, 38 60, 80, 112 100, 120, 152 4x Vicious Orc, 5x Orc Scout, 3x Orc Warrior, 4x Orc Warchanter, 2x Orc
4 30, 35, 44 80, 100, 136 120, 140, 176 4x Orc Scout, 4x Vicious Orc, 4x Orc Warchanter, 3x Frozen Blood Executioner, 2x Frozen Blood Conjurer
5 35, 41, 50 100, 124, 160 140, 164, 200 3x Frozen Blood Veteran, 4x Frozen Blood Conjurer, 2x Frozen Blood Executioner, 3x Plague Demon, 2x Orc Warrior, 5x Orc Scout
6 40, 46, 56 120, 144, 184 160, 184, 224* 4x Frozen Blood Hero, 5x Frozen Blood Conjurer, 2x Plague Demon, 3x Orc Warrior, 5x Frozen Blood Veteran, 4x Orc Scout, Orc Overlord
7 44, 51, 61 136, 164, 204 176, 204, 244* 3x Frozen Blood Veteran, 6x Frozen Blood Conjurer, 2x Plague Demon, 3x Orc Warrior, 3x Frozen Blood Hero, 2x Black Fist Skirmisher, Lesser Demon
8 48, 55, 65 152, 180, 220 192, 220, 260* 4x Frozen Blood Hero, 5x Black Fist Skirmisher, 2x Black Fist Enforcer, 5x Frozen Blood Conjurer, Orc Scout, 3x Frozen Blood Veteran, Orc Warrior
9 50, 57, 68 160, 188, 232 200, 228, 272* 3x Black Fist Enforcer, 3x Lesser Demon, 2x Frozen Blood Veteran, 3x Frozen Blood Executioner, 2x Black Fist Skirmisher, Frozen Blood Hero, Frozen Blood Conjurer, Black Fist Evoker
10 54, 61, 72 168, 204, 248 208, 244*, 288* 2x Frozen Blood Executioner, 2x Frozen Blood Veteran, 2x Frozen Blood Hero, 2x Black Fist Enforcer, 3x Black Fist Evoker, Lesser Demon, 3x Black Fist Skirmisher, 2x Frozen Blood Conjurer
11 58, 66, 77 192, 224, 268 232*, 264*, 308* 2x Frozen Blood Hero; 3x Black Fist Skirmisher; 2x Black Fist Enforcer; 2x Frozen Blood Veteran; Lesser Demon; 4x Black Fist Evoker; 2x Plague Demon; 7x Frozen Blood Conjurer; 2x Demonic Watcher; Frozen Blood Hero; Raq, Orc Overlord
12 40, 46, 56 120, 144, 184 160, 184, 224* 3x Orc Warrior, 3x Orc Scout, 2x Orc Warchanter, 3x Vicious Orc, 2x Plague Demon, 2x Orc Shaman
13 50, 57, 68 160, 188, 232 200, 228*, 272* 3x Orc Warrior; 3x Orc Warchanter; 3x Plague Demon; 3x Orc Shaman; 3x Orc Scout; 3x Vicious Orc; Raq, Orc Overlord

*All max food costs above 220 are impossible to obtain normally.

Rewards Edit

Stage Difficulty Rewards
1 Normal 750 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 75 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 250 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Extreme 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 75 ×Icon-food Food
2 Normal 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 50 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
Hard 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 5 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence
Extreme 2 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-common Common Battle Chest, 5 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll
3 Normal 2 ×Icon-boost-defense-generic  Uncommon Defense Booster (Lvl. 25)
Hard 125 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 1500 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 500 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP), 150 ×Icon-food Food
4 Normal 1 ×Icon-ticket Ticket
Hard 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 100 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 20 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence, 5 ×Icon-adamantine Adamantine Bar, 2 ×Icon-arcane Arcane Shards
5 Normal 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-common Common Battle Chest
Hard 1 ×Icon-boost-armor-generic  Rare Armor Booster (Lvl. 35), 2500 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 5 ×Icon-gem Gems, 1 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone, 175 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 900 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
6 Normal 300 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 3 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 150 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 4 ×Icon-arcane Arcane Shards, 3000 ×Icon-goldGold
7 Normal 2 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 5 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic-ancient Ancient Skill Scroll, 1 ×Icon-ticket Ticket
Hard 1 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Rare Weapon Booster (Lvl. 40), 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-common Common Battle Chest
Extreme 240 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 1200 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP), 3800 ×Icon-goldGold
8 Normal 10 ×Icon-gem Gems, 2 ×Icon-stone Portal Stone
Hard 1 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 400 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 1 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 1 ×Icon-voidVoid Cores, 180 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
9 Normal 1 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 250 ×Icon-food Food
Hard 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-rare Rare Battle Chest, 2 ×Icon-skill-scroll-generic Skill Scroll, 240 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP)
Extreme 1 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Super Rare Weapon Booster (Lvl. 40)40, 300 ×Icon-skill Skill Points (SP), 5000 ×Icon-goldGold
10 Normal 3 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1750 ×Icon-training Training Points (TP)
Hard 15 ×Icon-gem Gems, 540 ×Icon-food Food
Extreme 2 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 3 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 500 ×Icon-artisan-points Artisan Points (AP)
11 Normal 1 ×Icon-boost-armor-generic  Epic Armor Booster (Lvl. 50), 3 ×Icon-celestial Celestial Orb, 1 ×Icon-voidVoid Cores
Hard 5 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1 ×Icon-potion-rage  Uncommon Rage Potion , 5 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone
Extreme 1 ×Icon-boost-weapon-generic  Epic Weapon Booster (Lvl. 55); 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-epic Epic Battle Chest 1 Raq, Orc Overlord; 5800 ×Icon-goldGold
12 Normal 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-common Common Battle Chest, 3000 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 5 ×Icon-stone-gold Golden Portal Stone, 6000 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-rare Rare Battle Chest, 3 ×Icon-ticket Ticket, 9000 ×Icon-goldGold, 1 ×Icon-guild-marks Guild Marks
13 Normal 25 ×Icon-gem Gems, 40 ×Icon-mystical-essence Mystical Essence, 5000 ×Icon-goldGold
Hard 3 ×Icon-map Catacombs Map, 1 ×Icon-potion-rage  Rare Rage Potion , 8 ×Icon-celestial Celestial Orb, 10000 ×Icon-goldGold
Extreme 1 ×Icon-battle-chest-epic Epic Battle Chest, 1 Raq, Orc Overlord lv. 80; 1 ×Icon-voidVoid Cores, 15000 ×Icon-goldGold

Strategy Edit

  • The first objective is to avoid mass dispel entirely, which is present in every mission with Lesser demons and deals game-ending damage. 12 is incredibly annoying, even for a 55. It has repeating true damage from the orc scouts, orc warriors can Vanish as well as Overload, and one of the monsters does a very large defense debuff.
    • Heals over time (including Cleanse and Druid soul skill) count as buffs. These should be avoided.
    • Blackguard's Death Glare skill counts as a self-buff.
  • The Mystic is probably necessary for her disenchant, the only way to remove debuffs in this campaign without incurring mass dispel. Be sure to avoid her Foretell skill, as that is a buff.
  • The Spellsword is also recommended for the numerous buffs which demonic minions stack heavily. Remember that his Haste skill is a buff and will be subject to mass dispel.
  • Blackguard is a good tank because he does not need any buffs to be tanky. The Necromancer may also work if sufficiently geared/starred.
  • On the final stage, area of effect damage from a mage or warlock can be quite powerful in lieu of a Cleric.
  • At high enough stars and epic gear, it may be possible to simply clear all missions with area damage from the Warlock, Necro, and crowd control from the Ninja.

Strategy for Stages 12 and 13 Edit


  • Cleric, Necromancer, Barbarian, Mystic (2 by 2 formation, cleric+mystic in back and necro+barb in front)
  • Target the archers first and spam Baleful Glare, with energy drain when necro is low and doom if you have lots of soul energy. If a hero is about to die, save soul energy so you can resurrect them.


  • Barbarian - turtle's shell, leaping strike, weapon throw, hawk's speed/owl's insight
  • Necromancer - fear, ray of enfeeblement, inflict wounds, shadow master/protective wards
  • Mystic - horrify*, safety ward, disenchant, knowledge/visions
  • Cleric - quick heal, powerful heal, righteous call, healer/charismatic leader


  • Barbarian - King's Hammer, Living Leather
  • Necromancer - Piercing Blade or Iron Rose, Spellthread Robe
  • Mystic - Staff of Viarus or Eye of Chaos or Abjurer's staff, Aetheron Robe or Soul Cage
  • Cleric - King's Hammer, Keldis' Raiment

*use confuse instead if bringing abjurer's staff

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