"A large dragon's scales form this impeccable armor"

Dragonscale Armor is the tier 1 epic Chain armor. It is preceded by the super-rare Chainskin and succeeded by the tier 2 epic Keldis' Raiment.


Dragonscale Armor Status Max.jpg

Being the first epic armor in this class, all its attributes are much greater than Chain Vestments of Security, and its properties are also very good, like having a health increase of 300, plus 2.5% of critical chances, plus 15% resistance to fire and ice, plus 30% resistance to poison.

Anyway, Dragonscale Armor proves to be one of the best defenses for practically all heroes of this armor class, although the Cleric and Warmaster are more efficient Chainskin to accelerate the use of Skills of cures and reinforcement of attack and increase of armor, but in any case, it is worth graphing this armor when you reach the sufficient level.

Even at level 55, in certain scenarios, it might even be preferable to the Keldis Raiment, because it gives higher specific resistances, while the Keldis gives 8% all magic resists.

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