"This frightening plate armor projects an aura of power"

Dreadplate is a Tier 1 Epic Plate armor. It is preceded by the Super Rare Shell of Protection and succeeded by the Tier 1 Epic Strength of Legend.

Base Stats Edit

Max level/attack/defense/armour: 62/31/223/30.4

Special Properties Edit

  • +15% Crit Damage
  • +400 Health
  • +20% Magic Resistance


Dreadplate's defense, armor, and magic resistance appears rather comparable to both its predecessor, Shell of Protection, and its successor, Strength of Legend. However, it is the bonus crit damage which makes Dreadplate stand out. Blackguard benefits the most from this armor piece due to having a high damage output, whereas other plate-wearing heroes such as Knight would prefer using Strength of Legend for its slightly higher defense and resistances.

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