"Giant hammer powerful enough to shake the entire ground"

The Earthquaker is the tier 1 epic Two-Handed Hacking weapon. It is preceded by the super-rare Pulverizer and succeeded by the tier 2 epic, The Unmaker.


Blacksmith: 42

Alchemist: 20

Engineer: 40

Void Cores: 8

Weapon statusEdit

Max Level: 62

Max Att: 161

Max Def: 136

Max Dmg: 139


The Earthquaker competes with the Pulverizer as the Berserker's weapon of choice prior to 55. While the Pulverizer does have higher crit chance and crit damage, the Earthquaker will do more non-critical damage as well as keep the Berserker alive longer thanks to its higher base stats and special properties. Thus, it is highly recommended to craft this weapon when you are a high enough level to obtain it.

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