"Do not stare directly into the eye, for it is madness"

Eye Of Chaos is the Tier 3 Epic Staff weapon. It is preceded by the Tier 2 Epic, White Staff of Viarus.

Special PropertiesEdit

  • -40% Soul Energy
  • 35% Faster cooldown to all skills
  • Damage type: True Damage
  • Damage type: Cold
  • Damage type: Lightning
  • Cannot Use Healing Abilities
  • Wrath of Nature (Entangle and Cyclone deal more damage)

Base Stats Edit

Level 57 60 65 70 75
Attack 171 180 195 210 225
Defense -93 -90 -85 -80 -75
Damage 96 109 117 125

Crafting componentsEdit

Components needed
Level 57+ Hardwood icon 1055 Steel bar icon 659 Mystical essence icon 659 Adamantine bar icon 193 Arcane shard icon 404 Celestial orb icon 55 Void core icon 27


The Eye of Chaos is an extremely strong staff, having 3 damage types on it, which triples its damage stat, and letting its wielder attack much faster with a 35% faster skill cooldown (which can be combined with the Coat of Quickening's or Soul Cage's 10% faster skill cooldown buff, or Shimmering Cloak's 5%). As an offset, its damage stat is significantly lower than other staffs, in order to prevent the tripled damage stat from being excessively high.

As downsides, the Eye of Chaos reduces the soul energy gained from the wielder by 40%, to prevent the wielder from overloading with soul energy from the sheer damage and speed of this weapon. Also, it takes away Druid's capability of using healing skills, to prevent her from being able to use Invigor extremely quickly to mass-reduce the party's skill cooldowns, or Renewal to give heroes constant healing.

Mage and Archmage can take advantage of its triple damage buff to deal heavy damage with group attacks, especially in tandem with a Soul Cage to partially negate the soul energy capacity loss and to gain an even larger attack cooldown reduction. Mystic can use it with a Soul Cage and her Visions passive to have a total of 75% skill cooldown reduction with level 10 Visions, which can be boosted further to an astounding 90% with 3 other heroes using either King's Hammers or Soul Cages. One could try giving it to Druid along with Hide of Sargothian to deal a lot more damage with Cyclone and Entangle, but her attack power isn't great enough to justify the loss of healing abilities, so it's more of a novelty than anything useful. A DPS setup would do alright damage, but the Druid would still die quickly.

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