Fighter av
Rarity: Common
Hero Type: Tank
Weapon Class: One Handed Slashing
Armor Class: Chain

The Fighter is a common tank that you start with in tower keepers. His soul skill is heroic strike, and its damage can be increased by increasing his stars and level.Fighter description

"Every scar tells a story lad"

Value Value
Armor 15% Fire resist 10%
Dodge 5% Poison resist 20%
Critical chance 5% Stun resist 5%
Initiative 2.4


Soul SkillEdit

Heroic strike icon Heroic Strike: Deal physical damage

Active SkillsEdit

Strike icon Strike: Deal physical damage

Cleave icon Cleave: Deal physical damage to a row

Shield allies icon Shield Allies: Increase party armor temporarily

Deft stroke icon Deft Stroke: Deal true damage

Vicious blow icon Vicious blow: Deal physical damage and stuns target

Passive SkillsEdit

Defensive icon Defensive: Increases armor

Bloodthirsty icon Bloodthirsty: Increases damage

Crafty icon Crafty: Skill cooldowns reduced, most of the time


  • Fighter is a basic tank hero with offensive and defensive skills.
  • As a tank, the Fighter is best placed at the front row to take damage while other heroes support him.
  • Fighter's skills comprises of different types of attacks including a basic attack, stun attack, attack against a row and true damage. This allows him to take down single enemies efficiently.
  • Heroic Strike is an ordinary physical melee attack identical to Strike, but can be initiated anytime. You can use it to your advantage against enemies who used a increased dodge or decreased damage on next attack, allowing Fighter or allies to take them out with a stronger attack.
  • Fighter is able to increase the survivability of allies by increasing their armor temporarily with Shield Allies.
  • The Fighter can increase his damage potential with the Bloodthirsty passive skill which increases the damage of all attacks, or the Crafty passive skill to initiate his active skills quicker. At 4 stars, he can have both for maximum damage output.
  • Most of Fighter's attacks deal physical damage, meaning that enemies with high armor can reduce his damage output. Deft Stroke bypasses this since it deals true damage.
  • Trivia
  • The Fighter had an older design before the game was playable. His chain armor wasn't visible from the torso and his scar was less bloodied in colour. His mustache and shield were absent and his eyebrows were black.


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