Flanged Mace is the first weapon of the Uncommon class in which one can make a graph, for the class One Handed Hacking, but can also fall randomly into any random battle, except in the Wizard Tower.

Flanged Mace recipe

About Flanged MaceEdit

Being an improved version of Mace, it contains all the statistics a little larger with the exception of its defense. Besides it gives you 5% critical damage, although it's still very low your normal damage, it's great to use in new heroes that you unlock, inaccessible to everyone who uses One Handed Hacking.


  • Since the weapon costs a lot of money and iron, it is not recomedavem grafitar the weapon, much less to make the conquest of "master in craft weapons", there are common weapons that cost much less resources to make that conquest.
  • And as the weapon falls a lot in the field, you can accumulate enough of this weapon and make a good money with it, where by depedendo of the level of the weapon, you will receive up to 1500 Golds.
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