Forbidden Blade is the second Super Rare weapon for the One Handed Stabbing weapon class.

Crafting componentsEdit

Components needed
Min Level 32+ Hardwood icon 27 Steel bar icon 144 Mystical essence icon 91 Adamantine bar icon 53 Arcane shard icon 27 Celestial orb icon 7 Void core icon 2
Max Level 55 Hardwood icon 41 Steel bar icon 222 Mystical essence icon 140 Adamantine bar icon 82 Arcane shard icon 41 Celestial orb icon 7 Void core icon 2


Forbidden Blade has somewhat lower raw stats than Bloodletter. However, its special properties--its -0.1 initiative, 25% extra crit damage, and 5% faster cooldowns to all skills--can be just as good as Bloodletter, if not better, in terms of offense.

If using a hero such as Blackguard or Valkyrie with the intent of dealing damage, Forbidden Blade is preferred over Dark Defender which is more of a defense-oriented weapon. It remains a viable weapon until Piercing Blade comes into play, at which point the Forbidden Blade becomes obsolete in favor of Piercing Blade's higher level cap and especially the 20% armor piercing.

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