Frost Spike

The Frost Spike is the second tier 1 epic Two-Handed Stabbing weapon. It is followed by the tier 2 epic, Spear of Pain, and preceded by the first tier 1 epic, Rage of Raegon.


  • Blacksmith: 42
  • Alchemist: 42
  • Engineer: 20
  • Void Core: 8


  • Max Level: 62
  • Atc: 204
  • Def: 0
  • Dmg: 217


The Frost Spike is an offensive alternative to the Rage of Raegon, being the highest damage spear available before level 55 and quite effective on the Amazon. In addition to having the second best attack and damage power of the Handed class, it also has good properties in this weapon, such as 1% critical chance, less than 5% enemy dodge, 25% ice resistance, 15% resistance to stun and have the most advantage of their damage being ice, as many epic armor and Boss of Stage have low resistance to ice attacks, which is why it is worthwhile to graph this weapon as it was quoted.

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