"A full suit of plate mail."

Full Plate is the first common armor for the Plate class.

Special Properties Edit

  • +10% Stun Resistance

Stats Edit

Lv Att Def Arm Sell for
7 0 11 7.8% 58 gold
12 0 19 8.4% 172 gold

About Full PlateEdit

The first line of defense of plate armor, it is up to the most resistant armor and with more defenses of the common classes of armor, but for its own class, it represents the worst defense to have, although with it maxinizada in the maximum, you can still take several hits to a long journey, being perfect for your armored heroes.

Although it is not very recommendable to improve your armor, as you can with great luck also drop Ironheart that provides you with much more more defenses and even properties over a long time of your journey.

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