Giant Zombie

Giant zombie2
Level ??? (Min), 43 (Max)
Rarity: Rare
Type: Tank
Fire resist: 0%
Ice resist: 0%
Lightning resist: 25%
Poison resist: 25%
Light resist: 0%
Shadow resist: 0%
Stun resist: 0%

Giant Zombie is a rare class monster found in few campaigns.

Giant Zombie Status Max



  • Bash
  • Trample


Although they have extremely weak attacks and defenses, but they have a good health and good armor, which resists many attacks of lower level heroes.

They are very difficult to fall, but they can be a bit useful in the initial stages of the campaigns of Witch heroes and also of the Berserker due to its high defense and resistance, but it is not advisable to put it in the defense of the Tower, since there are many players use heroes with very high damage, or with type of damage that would quickly kill your Giant Zombie.

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