Goblin Magus

Level ??? (Min), 40 (Max)
Rarity: Common
Type: Support
Fire resist: 40%
Ice resist: 0%
Lightning resist: 0%
Poison resist: 0%
Light resist: 0%
Shadow resist: 0%
Stun resist: 0%
Goblin Magus‏‎ is a common class monster that is found in many campaigns, story mode and also in special campaigns for heroes, or Boss, or some other event.
Goblin Magus Status Max



  • Minor heal
  • Spark


Being an evolved version of the Globin Trakinas, in addition to healing some of their lives, as well as they can attack with a weak ray attack on the opponents.

But they are still extremely weak for any type of hero campaign or defense of their tower, their healing is not efficient, they are only useful to be sold, or fused with some stronger monster.

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