Golden Gladius it's the first weapon of the class Rare in which one can graph, or as an event reward, and as a random drop, for the class One Handed Stabbing.

Golden Glaudius recipe

About Golden GladiusEdit

Although it has a good attack, but it is very weak both in defense and in the power of damage, not serving to attack or to defend itself. However, with his 5% faster cooldown to all skills, he quickly activates his battling abilities, serving perfectly for the Necromancer and the Pirate in which he depends very much on his abilities during the fight. She can also help Swashbuckler a bit to speed up her ability to counter-attack her opponents. And as this weapon can fall into the Wizard's Tower or the Dungeon, then it's not advisable to create this weapon, since you'll be able to get much better weapons at the Super Rare level or above when you raise your guardian level far enough.

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