Grand Spear of Vigilance recipe

Grand Spear Of Vigilance is a Tier 3 Epic Two Handed Stabbing weapon.


Watchlords of Varzjha weilded these great spears when guarding the High Vizier

Stats Edit

Level Attack Defense Damage
55 110 192 110
60 120 210 120
70 140 245 140
75 150 262 150

Special Properties Edit

  • +5% Dodge
  • +200 Health
  • +10% All Resistance
  • +5% Armor
  • +10% Armor Penetration

Crafting componentsEdit


Components needed
Min Level + Hardwood icon
Steel bar icon
Mystical essence icon
Adamantine bar icon
Arcane shard icon
Celestial orb icon
Void core icon
Max Level 55+ Hardwood icon 857 Steel bar icon 643 Mystical essence icon 322 Adamantine bar icon 197 Arcane shard icon 314 Celestial orb icon 50 Void core icon 21


Being a much improved version of the Rage of Raegon, its attack, defensive and damage power status are much higher once it reaches its maximum weapon level. And its properties are much better, which gives you 5% dodge, 200 health, 10% of all resistance and 10% armor penetration.

It is a perfect weapon to be used by the Cavalier, but can also be used by Amazon to expand their defenses and with a good level of damage, which is why it is very worth creating this weapon when you reach level 55.

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